Get a good grip and an excellent fit. Textured fingertips allow you to work with ease and confidence. Easy-to-don beaded cuffs provide greater strength and durability. Nitrile, synthetic rubber construction eliminates the possibility of latex-oriented allergic reactions. Long, 9 1/2-inch ambidextrous design. A good fit and a good grip. Textured fingertips. Strong, easy-to-don beaded cuffs.…

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Work Week Protection Kit

$16.50 Per Kit 5-day personal protection kit 10 Sanitary Vinyl Gloves 5 Face Masks 5 Alcohol Surface Pads 1 Hand Sanitizer, 2.0 oz 1 Disposable Thermometer

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Disposable Thermometers

Instant read, will show the current temperature through it’s different color variation after 15 seconds. Measurement range show the Fahrenheit and Celsius, 95° to 104° and 35° to 40°. Practical and easy to use. Peel the paper off the back and lightly press strip to your forehead for 15 seconds to show your body temperature.…

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Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


Designed for measuring body temperature, specifically for use on the forehead area. Requiring no skin contact, the thermometer works by collecting heat radiation emitting from the forehead. It’s a more hygienic, reliable option for fever-checking compared to intrusive oral thermometers. Receive highly accurate measurements in seconds with the single click of a button. An integrated…

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Hand Sanitizer


Helps kill germs and target bacteria. 70% alcohol. Contains glycerin which helps keep your hands feeling soft. Antimicrobial formula is sulfate and paraben free. Made in an FDA approved facility. 2oz to 1 gallon containers available 

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Hand Sanitizer Stand


HON offers you an easily accessible sanitizing station that helps employees stay bacteria free while on-the-go. Include this station throughout your facilities in high traffic areas for a quick way to fight germs between meetings or restroom visits. Stand is compatible with most manufacturers’ standard hand sanitizer dispensers. Free standing and no assembly required. Easily…

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KN95 Mask – White


For civil use only. Earloop style. Four-ply mask. First layer is PP nonwoven which has water blocking effect/saliva proof effect. Second layer is PP melt blown cotton. Third layer is ES hot air cotton. Fourth layer is PP nonwoven fabric. Strap material is Spandex PU.

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Face Shield


Fully assembled, full length face shield with headgear was engineered to help protect the eyes, nose and mouth and provide an additional barrier with other PPE products. Fully assembled with two adjustable bands that provide a secure fit, while the foam across the forehead adds comfort for extended wear. Can be worn with or without…

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Alcohol Wipes

$9.75 Per Pack 75 Percent Alcohol 50 wipes per pack 36 wipes per case

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Cotton Mask Anti Microbial Finish

cotton face mask

$1.25 each in packs of 10 Three layer cotton construction. Machine washable. 100% anti-bacterial. Skin friendly and breathable. Black and white available. Minimum order for free local delivery:   60 masks

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