The Warehouse Store Run Revisited


It’s a sunny Friday afternoon.   Sitting on your desk from Monday is list of office supplies that you have managed to put off ordering all week. Now you find yourself dashing off across town on a warehouse store run.   You snag a parking spot in a far corner and walk in.  The vastness of the…

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Thoughts to Consider During Cold and Flu Season


Right in the middle of cold and flu season this year I attended two large conferences. If the shared-air plane ride isn’t exposure enough to those coughing and sneezing around you, shaking over 100 hands and touching the buffet line utensils definitely has to be. During cold and flu season, an average of 30 million…

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4 Do’s and 1 Don’t to Saving Money on Office Supplies


DO’s: Forgo the Brand Name: For such everyday office supplies as binder clips, notes pads, pens, etc.  you can recognize a significant savings by purchasing an office supply dealer’s house brand.  Typically theses items are priced at least 25 percent less than their comparable name brands. Ink and Toner 2 and 3 Packs: Companies spend…

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